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Where It All Started

Innoscent was born out of a love of all things natural. Our products are derived from Organic Virgin coconut oil, grown on our own coconut plantation & produced in our manufacturing facilities. We follow a sustainable, organic farming system that is approved by Thailand's National Bureau of Agriculture Commodity & Food Standards.

Our story started years ago, with a coconut plantation, the size of over 200 football pitches, that has been in the family for over 100 years. 


Coconut Plantation

Our coconut plantation is sustainably & organically grown in the Gulf of Thailand, which offers one of the world's best climatic conditions for growing coconut palm trees.

We take care in all processes of our organic farming system

From soil preparation to germination of the young coconut trees, through to the quality of our finished products, we use no chemical herbicides. We use sustainable farming practices for a healthy ecosystem and healthy people.

Organic environment on our plantation

Our plantation provides cattle feed and ploughing is done on the plantation to compost organic material into plant fertilizer. 

Our employees are like our family

We take pride in equal opportunities for every person, which is why we employ those in need so they can support their families. 

Harvested by locals, using traditional tools

Even our tallest coconut trees can be reached with traditional tools. Long bamboo poles with a hooked knife are used to cut the coconuts from the trees. 

We also use traditional husking methods, helping to build a strong community and economy. 

Modern and sanitary process is used in the production of our certified organic virgin coconut oil

• Our coconut oil is cold-pressed using the centrifugal system

• We incorporate both local traditional knowledge with modern tools and equipment to extract the oil

• We employ strict hygiene processing standards to ensure zero contamination

• We use high-quality control from a selection of the freshest raw ingredients

100% Certified Natural and Organic

We do not use any refining, bleaching, deodorizing, chemicals or preservatives to ensure that our products are 100% natural and organic. Our plantation and factory are certified organic by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand and is internationally accepted.  

Our coconuts are one of the best in the world

The variety of coconut that we use for Innoscent's organic coconut skincare products is known as one of the best in the world for producing virgin coconut oil. This is due to its exceptionally high Lauric Acid content.

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Quality tested and assured

We send a sample of every lot to an outside laboratory for nutrition certification and health testing to make sure that our organic virgin coconut oil is of the highest quality.

Please come join us in discovering the many benefits of organic coconut oil, and our amazing skincare products. 

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